Grade 9 Unit 4 Topic 3 Section D

Robots-Our Servants in the Future?
What will our future be like? No one knows for certain, but most people think that robots will be pan of our lives. Will they be friendly or unfriendly?
So far, robots haven’t caused us any problems. They work for us like servants all the time. They help us do dangerous and difficult work.
People are surprised at the rapid development of robots. In a few years, perhaps robots will think on their own, just as people use their brains and act for themselves. However, once robots can think for themselves, problems may appear. One scientist warns that if robots start to think for themselves, they will no longer want to be our servants, but our masters. The scientist also warns that if we are lucky, they might treat us as we now treat our pets; if we are not lucky, who knows what will happen? Perhaps there will be a war between human beings and robots.

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