Grade 8 Unit 8 Topic 3 Section B

Jane: Look, Sarah! Here come the models!
Sarah: Wow! The model in the center of the catwalk looks so beautiful. What a nice dress!
Jane: That’s not a common dress. People call it a cheongsam. It’s a traditional dress for Chinese women, and it’s becoming popular in the world of high fashion.
Sarah: Look at the second one, She’s wearing a kimono. Wow! What is the third model wearing?
Jane: I guess it’s a traditional Russian costume.
Sarah: Oh, you are right. Here come another three models, and they are all in minority costumes.
Jane: Yes, the first one is in the Zhuang minority costume. And the second one is in Korean costume. But I’m not sure about the last one.
Sarah: Wow, Jane. You know a lot about fashion. That’s really cool!


A: What did Jane ask the model?
B: She asked what kind o f costume the model was wearing.
A: What did the model say?
B: She said she was wearing a Yao costume.


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