Grade 9 Unit 4 Topic 1 Section C

An invention may be a new product or a new way of doing things. Inventions come about in many ways. Most of the time, inventions happen because someone works to solve a problem. Sometimes inventions are the result of accidents. Look at your schoolbags. You have pencils, pens, crayons, rulers and some books. None of these things was planted in fields. They were made in factories and invented by someone. Inventing is interesting and exciting and everyone can be an inventor.
Do you want to be an inventor? There are a few simple steps to follow in the invention process.

♦ You can have wild and crazy thoughts. Remember that no idea is too silly. Many people laughed at the Wright brothers and said they would never fly. But they weren’t discouraged by what people said. That’s why now we have planes.

♦ Careful planning is important in the invention process. This is the time to brainstorm for ideas and to evaluate them.

♦ Make a detailed drawing of your invention so others will understand how your invention works.

♦ Make a model of your invention.

♦ See if your invention works as it is planned. If not, do more research, redesign it, and test it again.

♦ Every invention needs a name.

♦ Share your inventions with others.

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