Grade 9 Unit 2 Topic 1 Section A

(Kangkang. Jane. Maria and Michael are planning a picnic fo r Sunday.)
Jane and Maria: Kangkang, where shall we go?
Kangkang: What about the West Hill? 1 went there two years ago. It was a beautiful place. There were lots of flowers and grass. The air was fresh and the water was clean, and you could see bees and butterflies dancing.
Michael: Sounds great! Let’s go there.
(On Sunday, they come to the West Hill.)

Kangkang: Oh, what a mess! The flowers and grass have gone! The water is so dirty. It smells terrible. What has happened here?
Maria: What a shame! Look, there are several chemical factories pouring waste water into the stream.
Kangkang: Everything has changed.
Michael: Do you still want to have a picnic here?
Jane: Of course not.


A: There were lots of flowers and grass when I visited the village last year.
B: But now the flowers and grass have gone.
A: What has happened here?
B: The villagers have destroyed them.

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