Chinese Teenagers’ Leisure Life
In the past, teenagers hardly had any chance to go out and have fun. They had no computers, even without TV at home. Nowadays, Chinese teenagers have more fun than those in the past.
First, they have plenty of chances to go outside and join in all kinds of outdoor activities. They can enjoy the fun of teenager life as well as the sunshine. During their holidays, they may get close to nature to enjoy its beauty. They can go to the seaside to swim in the sea, sunbathe and play beach volleyball. They can go climbing to share fresh air with the singing birds. Sometimes, they might go out for a picnic to have fun together. They can also get close to culture by going to cultural parks and visiting museums. In their spare time, teenagers often play team sports together, like football and basketball.
Teenagers nowadays also enjoy more indoor activities. They can have a party with their friends at the weekends. If they don’t want to go out, they may surf the Internet to play games or chat with others. They may watch their favorite TV programs or movies without leaving their homes.
How happy the Chinese teenagers are!

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