(Maria, Jane, and Kangkang come to visit Michael at his home.)

M, J & K: Hey, Michael. How are you feeling today?

Michael: Not too bad. But my left leg still [1]still: US: [stɪl]   UK: [stɪl]  adv. 仍然;还;还是;依旧  adj. 静止的;平静的;安静的;寂静的 hurts when I move it. Oh, thank you for [2]thank you for (doing) sth. : 感谢您(因为)做了某事 your flowers and fruit [3]fruit: US: [frut]  UK: [fruːt] n. 水果;果实;结果;成果 .

Kangkang: Don’t worry! Your X-rays show it’s nothing serious.

Maria: You’d better stay in bed [4]stay in bed: 卧病在床;躺在床上;在床休息 and not move your left leg too much [5]too much: 太多;太多的;过分  * 注意much too的意思是“太”.

Michael: Yes, I will. But I’m worried about [6]be worried about: 为……担心 my lessons.

Jane: Have a good rest and don’t worry [7]worry:US: [ˈwʌri]   UK: [‘wʌri]   v. 担心;担忧;发愁;使担心 about [8]worry about: 发愁;担忧;为…发愁;替…担忧 it. We can help you with your study [9]help sb. with sth.: 帮助某人做某事;在什么事情上帮助某人.

Kangkang: Follow the doctor’s advice [10]advice: US: [ədˈvaɪs]  UK: [əd’vaɪs]  n. 建议;意见;忠告;劝告  * 注意:advice为不可数名词, and you’ll get well soon.

Michael: Thanks a lot.

Word Bank

Word Bank
1 still: US: [stɪl]   UK: [stɪl]  adv. 仍然;还;还是;依旧  adj. 静止的;平静的;安静的;寂静的
2 thank you for (doing) sth. : 感谢您(因为)做了某事
3 fruit: US: [frut]  UK: [fruːt] n. 水果;果实;结果;成果
4 stay in bed: 卧病在床;躺在床上;在床休息
5 too much: 太多;太多的;过分  * 注意much too的意思是“太”
6 be worried about: 为……担心
7 worry:US: [ˈwʌri]   UK: [‘wʌri]   v. 担心;担忧;发愁;使担心
8 worry about: 发愁;担忧;为…发愁;替…担忧
9 help sb. with sth.: 帮助某人做某事;在什么事情上帮助某人
10 advice: US: [ədˈvaɪs]  UK: [əd’vaɪs]  n. 建议;意见;忠告;劝告  * 注意:advice为不可数名词