Grade 9 Unit 2 Topic 3 Section D

Forests are the lungs of the earth. Without them, it cannot breathe. It needs its forests to remove [1]remove: US: [rɪˈmuv]  UK: [rɪˈmuːv]  v. 去除;去掉;移开;免除 carbon dioxide from the air and to make oxygen. In many countries, such as New Zealand, Canada, and Brazil, forests were cut down [2]cut down: 砍倒;削减;减价;夺去…活动力 to provide wood to build houses. Many young volunteers around the world are working in their holidays to plant new trees to replace [3]replace: US: [rɪˈpleɪs]  UK: [rɪ’pleɪs]  v. 取代;代替;更换;更新 them.

These young men and women face many difficulties when they plant new trees. The weather may be very hot and dry [4]dry: US: [draɪ]   UK: [draɪ]   n. 干裂;干燥(状态);干燥场;干季   adj. 干的;干燥的;雨少的;干旱的   v. (使)变干;(把…)弄干 or it may be very cold and wet. There are often many insects [5]insect: US: [ˈɪnˌsekt]  UK: [ˈɪnsekt]  adj. 昆虫的;卑劣的  n. 昆虫 that bite [6]bite: US: [baɪt]  UK: [baɪt]  n. 咬;(咬下的)一口;少量食物;简单的一餐   v. 咬;叮;蜇;咬饵 these planters on their legs, arms, and faces while they work. They carry heavy bags of small trees, and working in the mountains can be dangerous.

Tree planters [7]planter: US: [ˈplæntər]  UK: [ˈplɑːntə(r)]   n. 播种机;种植园主;花盆;种植园经营者 are changing the world. They plant different types of [8]different types of: 不同类型的 trees so that birds and animals can live in the forests. Even though [9]even though: 即使;尽管 tree planting is very difficult, they love their work. They believe that in 50 years their little trees will become beautiful forests.

Word Bank

Word Bank
1 remove: US: [rɪˈmuv]  UK: [rɪˈmuːv]  v. 去除;去掉;移开;免除
2 cut down: 砍倒;削减;减价;夺去…活动力
3 replace: US: [rɪˈpleɪs]  UK: [rɪ’pleɪs]  v. 取代;代替;更换;更新
4 dry: US: [draɪ]   UK: [draɪ]   n. 干裂;干燥(状态);干燥场;干季   adj. 干的;干燥的;雨少的;干旱的   v. (使)变干;(把…)弄干
5 insect: US: [ˈɪnˌsekt]  UK: [ˈɪnsekt]  adj. 昆虫的;卑劣的  n. 昆虫
6 bite: US: [baɪt]  UK: [baɪt]  n. 咬;(咬下的)一口;少量食物;简单的一餐   v. 咬;叮;蜇;咬饵
7 planter: US: [ˈplæntər]  UK: [ˈplɑːntə(r)]   n. 播种机;种植园主;花盆;种植园经营者
8 different types of: 不同类型的
9 even though: 即使;尽管
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