Grade 9 Unit 2 Topic 3 Section D

Forests are the lungs of the earth. Without them, it cannot breathe. It needs its forests to remove carbon dioxide from the air and to make oxygen. In many countries, such as New Zealand, Canada, and Brazil, forests were cut down to provide wood to build houses. Many young volunteers around the world are working in their holidays to plant new trees to replace them.
These young men and women face many difficulties when they plant new trees. The weather may be very hot and dry or it may be very cold and wet. There are often many insects that bite these planters on their legs, arms, and faces while they work. They carry heavy bags of small trees, and working in the mountains can be dangerous.
Tree planters are changing the world. They plant different types of trees so that birds and animals can live in the forests. Even though tree planting is very difficult, they love their work. They believe that in 50 years their little trees will become beautiful forests.

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