Grade 9 Unit 1 Topic 3 Section C

One of the most basic human needs is a home. A home is a safe place. While most people around the world value their homes, there are many people in every country who are homeless.
Some people are homeless for a short period of time because they are moving from one place to another, and other people are not able to find a home.
They must live on the streets or in a shelter.
There are many causes of homelessness. Sometimes people can not keep a home because they do not earn enough money, or because they do not have a job.
Sometimes people arc homeless because they have a problem with drugs or because they have a mental illness. No one is ever homeless on purpose.
Whatever the cause of homelessness is, the effects are the same. Homeless people must work very hard to live. They can not raise their children. Sometimes they must steal food just to eat. The government in every country has worked for many years to support the homeless but more needs to be done. We must think of the homeless as people, not just as problems.

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