Grade 9 Unit 1 Topic 3 Section B

Maria: What are you reading, Jane?
Jane: I’m reading a newspaper from Canada. Martin showed me an interesting article. It is about a program that helps homeless people.
Maria: Are there homeless people in Canada?
Jane: Oh, yes. Many countries have homeless people.
The article says one city has a wonderful program.
Since it started, it has helped hundreds of people return to work and live a normal life.
Maria: That sounds great! How do they manage it?
Jane: Well, once they find people in need, they decide on ‘ ’V – suitable ways to offer them help.
Maria: Can the homeless people get enough food, homes and medical treatment?
Jane: Yes. And it’s not only that. The program also provides them with job training so that they can find jobs again.
Maria: I think it is important for these people to feel good about themselves.
Jane: You are right. The world has changed for the better.

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