Grade 8 Unit 8 Topic 2 Section A

Miss Wang: Boys and girls, our school plans to make uniforms for you.

Jane: Kangkang, can you tell me what Miss Wang says?

Kangkang: She says that our school plans to make uniforms for us.

Maria: I like to wear my own clothes because school uniforms will look ugly on us.

Michael: Not really. It depends [1]depend: 美: [dɪˈpend]   英: [dɪ’pend]   v. 依赖;取决于;信任 (on; upon);悬挂 on [2]depend on: 依赖;取决于;视……而定 who will design our uniforms.

Jane: I think we can design our own uniforms by ourselves [3]by oneself: 独自地,单独.

Kangkang: Good idea! It’s true that suitable uniforms can show good discipline [4]discipline: 美: [ˈdɪsəplɪn]  英: [‘dɪsəplɪn]  n. 纪律;训练;自制力;风纪.

Miss Wang: I agree with [5]agree with: 同意,和……意见一致 you. You’d better survey [6]survey: 美: [ˈsɜrˌveɪ]  英: [ˈsɜː(r)veɪ]   v. 测量;概述;勘测;审视  n. 测量;概述;勘测;测绘 the students about styles of uniforms. Then you can design your own uniforms, and you’ll be glad to wear them.

Word Bank

Word Bank
1 depend: 美: [dɪˈpend]   英: [dɪ’pend]   v. 依赖;取决于;信任 (on; upon);悬挂
2 depend on: 依赖;取决于;视……而定
3 by oneself: 独自地,单独
4 discipline: 美: [ˈdɪsəplɪn]  英: [‘dɪsəplɪn]  n. 纪律;训练;自制力;风纪
5 agree with: 同意,和……意见一致
6 survey: 美: [ˈsɜrˌveɪ]  英: [ˈsɜː(r)veɪ]   v. 测量;概述;勘测;审视  n. 测量;概述;勘测;测绘
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