Grade 9 Unit 5 Topic 1 Section A

(It’s been two years since Mr. and Mrs. Green came to China. Their daughter, Susanna, has just come to live with them. She knows very little about the country.)
Susanna: Mom, how much do you know about China?
Mrs. Green: A lot. China is a great country that has about 5 000 years of history. There are many places of interest which attract millions of tourists from all over the world every year.
Susanna: Is that so? Are there any beautiful mountains?
Mrs. Green: Yes. And some of them are very famous, such as Mount Tai, Mount Huang, Mount Song and Mount Emei.
Susanna: What about rivers?
Mrs. Green: There are a great number of rivers in China. Among them, the Changjiang River is the longest one and the second longest is the Huanghe River. They’re the birthplaces of Chinese culture.
Susanna: Anything else?
Mrs. Green: My dear, I think you should get to know more about China by yourself. I can fetch you Guide to China. It’s a book which introduces China in detail.
Susanna: Thanks, Mom.


A: Do you know Mount Huangl
B: Yes. It’s a mountain with lots of strange pine trees.
A: Where is it?
B: It lies in Anhui Province.
A: It’s a place which/that is worth visiting.
B: Yes, let’s go there this summer vacation.

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