Grade 9 Unit 1 Topic 3 Section D

Project Hope
Project Hope is an education program to help students. It builds schools in the poorest parts of China and it helps poor families afford an education for their children.
Since Project Hope started in 1989, it has done very well. By 2012, Project Hope had raised 8.73 billion yuan. With this money, it has aided 4.5 million children to go to schools and it has built 18 002 Hope Primary Schools.
Project Hope has made important contributions to both the education and the health of children. For more than 20 years, Project Hope has encouraged the moral development and modern thinking of students. As a result, the students in Hope schools respect their teachers, aid the poor, and help one another. Project Hope is the best-known and most successful education program in China. Without Project Hope, there is a risk that many children would have an unhappy future.

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