Graduation Ceremony

A graduation ceremony is a custom [1]custom: 美: [ˈkʌstəm]  英: [‘kʌstəm]  n. 习俗;风俗;光顾;(个人的)习惯 which takes place [2]take place: 发生;举行 when students graduate from a school. The ceremony is usually held in a big hall or in the open air [3]in the open air: 露天;在户外.

During the ceremony, it is common for several students to give speeches, and so do the principal [4]principal: 美: [ˈprɪnsəp(ə)l]  英: [‘prɪnsəp(ə)l]  n. 本金;委托人;资本;主角;大学校长   adj. 最重要的;主要的 and some teachers. Then each graduate receives a diploma [5]diploma: 美: [dɪˈploʊmə]  英: [dɪˈpləʊmə]  n. 文凭课程;毕业文凭. It shows that the student has successfully completed all the courses or has passed the examinations. After the ceremony, students often chat with their teachers, friends and relatives who come to congratulate [6]congratulate: 美: [kənˈɡrætʃəˌleɪt]  英: [kənˈɡrætʃʊleɪt]  v. 祝贺;向(某人)道贺;(为成就或成功)感到高兴 them. They also take photos with one another [7]one another: 相互;彼此 and talk about their future.

The graduation ceremony is exciting because it marks the end of a period in a student’s school life. It is also sad because the time when they studied with friends has come to an end [8]come to an end: 结束;终止. Graduation means change and leaving unforgettable faces and places behind. However, change always brings about new possibilities [9]possibility: 美: [ˌpɑsəˈbɪləti]  英: [ˌpɒsəˈbɪləti]  n. 可能性;机会;可选择的方法;契机.

Word Bank

Word Bank
1 custom: 美: [ˈkʌstəm]  英: [‘kʌstəm]  n. 习俗;风俗;光顾;(个人的)习惯
2 take place: 发生;举行
3 in the open air: 露天;在户外
4 principal: 美: [ˈprɪnsəp(ə)l]  英: [‘prɪnsəp(ə)l]  n. 本金;委托人;资本;主角;大学校长   adj. 最重要的;主要的
5 diploma: 美: [dɪˈploʊmə]  英: [dɪˈpləʊmə]  n. 文凭课程;毕业文凭
6 congratulate: 美: [kənˈɡrætʃəˌleɪt]  英: [kənˈɡrætʃʊleɪt]  v. 祝贺;向(某人)道贺;(为成就或成功)感到高兴
7 one another: 相互;彼此
8 come to an end: 结束;终止
9 possibility: 美: [ˌpɑsəˈbɪləti]  英: [ˌpɒsəˈbɪləti]  n. 可能性;机会;可选择的方法;契机