(Kangkang is seeing Jane, Michael and Maria off  [1]see sb. off : 给…送行at the airport.)

Michael: Where is Jane? Has she arrived at the airport yet? She will miss her plane if she doesn’t hurry!

Maria: I’m sure she’ll join us any minute now. I hope so!

Kangkang: Oh. Here she comes! She’s just in time [2]in time: 及时;适时.


(Jane comes in a hurry [3]in a hurry: 立即,匆忙.)

Michael: Hey, Jane! We’re here. We thought — you were going to miss your plane.

Jane: Sorry. It was hard to set off [4]set off: 出发,启程 because so many people wanted to say goodbye to my family.

Kangkang: I’m sad to be here watching you all heading back home.

Michael: Come on, Kangkang! We will meet again some day.

Maria: Michael, I know you don’t like to write, but you must promise [5]promise: 美: [ˈprɑmɪs]  英: [ˈprɒmɪs]  v. 承诺;保证;答应;许诺  n. 承诺;诺言;许诺 to send e-mails to us often. After you get back to the USA, don’t do anything crazy on your skateboard, or I will worry about [6]worry about: 发愁;担忧;为…发愁;替…担忧 you.

Michael: Don’t worry, Maria. I won’t do that again and I will take good care of [7]take good care of: 照顾好;好好照看 myself Let’s keep in touch with [8]keep in touch with: 与……保持联系 each other. Jane, which flight will you take?

Jane: Flight AC 2968. I’m sorry I have to go now. Goodbye, Kangkang. You are our best friend. I hope you will have a great future. I’m looking forward to [9]look forward to (doing) sth.: 盼望(做)某事 reading about it in your e-mails.


(Jane, Michael and Maria give big hugs [10]hug: 美: [hʌɡ]   英: [hʌɡ]  v. 拥抱;搂抱;抱紧      n. 拥抱;搂抱 to Kangkang.)

Jane: Goodbye. I’ll miss you!

Michael: Take care [11]take care: 保重;小心;注意, my good friend

Maria: Keep in touch! [12]Keep in touch!  保持联系!

Kangkang: Have a safe flight! [13]Have a safe flight!  祝你一路平安;旅途平安;希望你飞行平安

Word Bank

Word Bank
1 see sb. off : 给…送行
2 in time: 及时;适时
3 in a hurry: 立即,匆忙
4 set off: 出发,启程
5 promise: 美: [ˈprɑmɪs]  英: [ˈprɒmɪs]  v. 承诺;保证;答应;许诺  n. 承诺;诺言;许诺
6 worry about: 发愁;担忧;为…发愁;替…担忧
7 take good care of: 照顾好;好好照看
8 keep in touch with: 与……保持联系
9 look forward to (doing) sth.: 盼望(做)某事
10 hug: 美: [hʌɡ]   英: [hʌɡ]  v. 拥抱;搂抱;抱紧      n. 拥抱;搂抱
11 take care: 保重;小心;注意
12 Keep in touch!  保持联系!
13 Have a safe flight!  祝你一路平安;旅途平安;希望你飞行平安