Grade 7 Unit 4 Topic 2 Section B

Jane: Would you like to sing some songs with me, Kangkang?
Kangkang: I’m sorry I can’t. I have to cook.

Maria: Would you like to cook with us?
Wang Junfeng: Yes, I’d love to.

Steve: Michael, how about flying a kite with me?
Michael: I’d like that, but I’m sorry I have no time. I have to get some water.
Steve: How about you, Bobby?
Bobby: Bow-wow… •



Maria’s mother: Hello!
Sally: Hello! May I speak to Maria?
Sally: Who’s this, please?
Sally: This is Sally.
Maria’s mother: Oh, hello, Sally. Maria isn’t in now.
Sally: Could you ask her to call me back this evening?
Maria’s mother: Sure.
Sally: Thank you. Goodbye.
Maria’s mother: Bye.

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