Grade 8 Unit 5 Topic 1 Section A

Kangkang: Hi! How are you doing?
Jane: Very well, thank you. You look excited. Why?
Kangkang: Guess what! My father and mother want to invite your parents to go to the movies.
Maria: Really? What movie are they going to see?
Kangkang: The Sound o f Music.
Jane: Oh, it is one of my parents’ favorite movies. They will feel happy.
When are they going?
Kangkang: This Saturday. And we can spend the evening at my house. My mom will prepare some delicious food for us.
Jane: Wow! Sounds great! I’m so excited. Please say thanks to your mom
for us.
Kangkang: OK, I will. On my way here, I saw Mr. Brown. He felt disappointed because he was not able to buy a ticket to The Sound of Music.
Michael: What a pity!

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