Grade 8 Unit 6 Topic 2 Section A

Darren: Michael: Darren:
Michael: Dairen:
Hello! This is Darren. I’d like to speak to Michael.
This is Michael speaking. Oh, Darren!
How are you?
Fine. Glad to receive your postcard. While you were enjoying your trip to Mount Tai, I was busy preparing for my exams. But now I’m on vacation.
Would you like to come to China for your vacation?
Great idea! See you.
(Forty minutes later, at Kangkang’s)
Michael: Hey, Kangkang! Darren, my friend from San Francisco, is coming to visit me. I’d like you to meet him with me when he arrives.
Kangkang: Great! I’m looking forward to meeting him.
Michael: Would you help me make a plan to explore Beijing before he comes?
Michael: That would be very interesting.
Kangkang: Yes, of course. How about exploring Tian’anmen Square?

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