Grade 8 Unit 6 Topic 1 Section D

Our plane left Beijing at 7:30 a.m. and landed safely in Japan after about four hours. The weather was pleasant.

The next day, we went to a famous park. It was really an interesting place to visit. But the most interesting thing for me was to take photos [1]take photos: 照相,拍照;摄影. I love to take photos with my friends in beautiful places.

On the third day of our trip, we climbed Mount Fuji. It was snowing when we got to the top [2]top: US: [tɑp]   UK: [tɒp]  n. 顶;顶部;顶端;上面    adj. (位置、级别或程度)最高的;很好的;极棒的;顶呱呱的. I was so excited that [3]so … that …: 如此…以至于… I didn’t feel cold at all [4]not … at all: 一点儿也不…. During our trip, in the evenings, I sometimes went swimming in the pool, while my best friend, Kelly, always went shopping.

I enjoyed the trip very much, so I want to travel there again.

Word Bank

Word Bank
1 take photos: 照相,拍照;摄影
2 top: US: [tɑp]   UK: [tɒp]  n. 顶;顶部;顶端;上面    adj. (位置、级别或程度)最高的;很好的;极棒的;顶呱呱的
3 so … that …: 如此…以至于…
4 not … at all: 一点儿也不…
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