Grade 9 Unit 3 Topic 1 Section B

(Jane is talking with her father before he goes to Cuba.)
Jane: Dad, why are you packing your bags?
Father: I’m going to Cuba on business tonight. Have you seen my passport?
Jane: It’s in your night table. Dad, is English spoken as the official language in Cuba?
Father: No, Spanish is spoken as the official language there.
Jane: Is Spanish similar to English?
Father: Not really. Perhaps a few words are the same.
Jane: Oh, I see. Is it possible for you to have trouble communicating?
Father: Yes. 1 don’t think 1 will have any long conversations in Spanish. If necessary, I’ll ask an interpreter for help.
Jane: Will the interpreter explain to you the culture of the country?
Father: Of course. Understanding the language and the culture can help me work well.
Jane: Have a good trip. I wish you success!

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