Grade 8 Unit 4 Topic 3 Section A

Maria: What are you doing, Kangkang?
Kangkang: I’m doing some shopping on the Internet. It’s a little cheaper.
Maria: What else can you do online?
Kangkang: I can find information, send emails, listen to music, watch movies and so on. 1 can also chat with my grandmother face to face.
Maria: That’s great! The Internet makes the world smaller.
How does it work?
Kangkang: Mm, let me find out the information online.
{Five minutes later.)
Kangkang: A special language makes computers talk with each other.
Maria: When did it come into being?
Kangkang; Scientists started to study the Internet in the 1960s and made it into use in the 1990s.
Maria: I’m sure the Internet will become more and more important to us.

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