Grade 8 Unit 4 Topic 2 Section D

( Here is the news from Wenchuan in Sichuan Province.

At 2:28 in the afternoon, on May 12, 2008, a terrible earthquake happened here. It killed 88 000 people. Five million people lost their homes. Many children died when their schools fell down. But with the help of [1]with the help of: 在……的帮助下 the whole [2]whole: 全部的,整个的,整体的 | 注意与all的区别: … 继续阅读 nation, people in Wenchuan are rebuilding their homes now and they are returning to normal [3]normal: adj. 正常的;正规的;精神健全的 ||| 主要辨析:common强调许多事物具有某种共同点而“不足为奇”; … 继续阅读life. The children are able to[4]be able to: 能够(做某事) study in new, safe schools. The people of Wenchuan are very brave, and they are starting their lives over again [5]over again:  one more time, 又一次,再一次. Now a more beautiful new Wenchuan has appeared [6]appear: 美: [əˈpɪr]   英: [əˈpɪə(r)]   v. 出现;显现;呈现;出版   ||| 反义词:disappear .

Word Bank

Word Bank
1 with the help of: 在……的帮助下
2 whole: 全部的,整个的,整体的 | 注意与all的区别: 1.在以下情况下,两者都可用,但有差别:用在复数名词前,all表示“所有的;每一个”,而whole则表示“整个儿”;一般情况下,二者都可用在时间或季节名词之前,但在hour和century之前用whole,而不用all。 2.以下情况下,一般不用whole,但可用all:不可数名词或物质名词之前;表示地点的专有名词之前。
3 normal: adj. 正常的;正规的;精神健全的 ||| 主要辨析:common强调许多事物具有某种共同点而“不足为奇”; general指普遍于大多数人或事物中,有“较少例外”的含义; normal形容人或物“符合常态或常规”; ordinary指与一般事物的性质标准相同,强调“平常”而无奇特之处。
4 be able to: 能够(做某事)
5 over again:  one more time, 又一次,再一次
6 appear: 美: [əˈpɪr]   英: [əˈpɪə(r)]   v. 出现;显现;呈现;出版   ||| 反义词:disappear
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