Grade 9 Unit 1 Topic 3 Section A

(Helen and Bob are talking on the phone.)
Helen: You have been in New York for a long time. How do you like living there?
Bob: It’s great. 1 really love it.
Helen: But I heard that the local traffic was terrible and almost everyone drove too fast.
Bob: Oh, you will get used to it very soon if you come.
Helen: 1 also heard the streets were dirty.
Bob: They used to be, but the city has improved a lot since 1 came here a few years ago.
Helen: Isn’t it dangerous to live there?
Bob: Well, it was in the past, but it’s quite safe now. As a matter of fact, it’s a wonderful place to live. Near our block, there are beautiful parks, good schools, famous museums and excellent restaurants. And you can go to plays, concerts and operas every day if you like. You must come for a visit.
Then you can see New York yourself.

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