Grade 9 Unit 1 Topic 3 Section A

(Helen and Bob are talking on the phone.)

Helen: You have been in New York for a long time. How do you like living there [1]How do you like … ? 你怎么认为……?还可以理解为询问对某事/物的喜欢程度?

Bob: It’s great. 1 really love it.

Helen: But I heard that the local traffic was terrible and almost everyone drove too fast.

Bob: Oh, you will get used to [2]get used to:习惯于;适应 it very soon if you come. [3]if you come 是适应的条件,所以此句适用“主将从现”

Helen: 1 also heard the streets were dirty.

Bob: They used to [4]used to: 过去常做某事 be, but the city has improved a lot since 1 came here a few years ago.

Helen: Isn’t it dangerous to live there?

Bob: Well, it was in the past, but it’s quite safe now. As a matter of fact [5]As a matter of fact: 事实上,其实  同意词:in fact, in truth, it’s a wonderful place to live. Near our block [6]block: US: [blɑk]   UK: [blɒk]  n. 块;块体;区;障碍       v. 阻塞;阻碍;堵塞;挡, there are beautiful parks, good schools, famous museums and excellent restaurants. And you can go to plays, concerts and operas every day if you like. You must come for a visit [7]come for a visit: 来参观;拜访;旅游. Then you can see New York yourself.

Word Bank

Word Bank
1 How do you like … ? 你怎么认为……?还可以理解为询问对某事/物的喜欢程度
2 get used to:习惯于;适应
3 if you come 是适应的条件,所以此句适用“主将从现”
4 used to: 过去常做某事
5 As a matter of fact: 事实上,其实  同意词:in fact, in truth
6 block: US: [blɑk]   UK: [blɒk]  n. 块;块体;区;障碍       v. 阻塞;阻碍;堵塞;挡
7 come for a visit: 来参观;拜访;旅游
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