Grade 9 Unit 1 Topic 2 Section D

Hello, everyone! My name is Sue. I live in Canada. Canada is a large country with a population of about 36 million. 1 live in a small mountain town called Fairmont. I have lived here since I was three. Fewer than 600 people live here. The small town is surrounded by trees. The air is clean and fresh. People live close to nature and try to protect it. They are careful with garbage and discourage cutting trees. The town is really like one big family. The local people often help each other and have fun together. But sometimes it is hard to see friends because they live so far away.

Hi, I’m Li Ming. I live in Beijing, the capital of China. My city has a long history and many places of interest. We have big shopping centers and huge markets. Our public transportation is excellent, too. Buses, taxis, and subways can take my friends and me to any part of the city. We can play sports, see Beijing operas, go to movie theaters, and eat delicious food. There are many fine places such as Beihai Park and Tian’anmen Square where we can meet with friends to dance or listen to music. I love my city of Beijing because I have so many friends here and we have so many interesting places to visit together. But now the large population in Beijing has caused some problems.

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