Grade 9 Unit 6 Topic 1 Section D

In China, television is very popular. Many people spend most of their spare time watching it.
It has a huge influence on people’s lives. Is all this television good for us or bad for us?
As is known to all, television is one of the most important ways of getting information, such as the news all over the world, history, culture and interesting stories. It provides us with a more lively way to discover the outside world. Also, we can see great movies, operas and concerts. Therefore, television is not only a w way we learn about the world, but also a good entertainment.
However, many people think television is bad for us. They say that all the violence on TV makes people become violent. Violence can give children bad ideas. T V can also make people lazy. Instead of doing outdoor activities, they usually sit in front of the screen for hours enjoying the funny shows and cartoons without a break.
In general, the problem is not television, but the programs we choose to watch. We have learned how to choose the best in newspapers, books and m magazines. Now we have to learn to do with television programs, too. After all, it’s our choice.

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