Grade 9 Unit 6 Topic 2 Section A

Michael: Kangkang, who is your favorite character in literature [1]literature: 美: [ˈlɪt(ə)rəˌtʃʊr]  英: [ˈlɪtrətʃə(r)]  n. 文学;文学作品;资料?

Kangkang: The Monkey King is my favorite character in Chinese literature. He is a hero in the novel called Journey to the West, which is one of the four classic [2]classic: 美: [ˈklæsɪk]    英: [‘klæsɪk]  n. 名著;优秀的典范   adj. 最优秀的;第一流的;有代表性的;典型的 novels of Chinese literature.

Michael: Oh, but I like Harry Potter better. I think he is the bravest character I’ve ever known.

Kangkang: Maybe you are right, but I prefer the Monkey King. He is funny and clever.

Jane: They are certainly heroes. And I think friends are helpful in both stories. In order to [3]in order to do sth. 为了做某事 help Harry, his friends read many books and discovered the best way to defeat their enemies.

Kangkang: Yes, his friends are wise and helpful just like Sandy and Pigsy. In fact [4]in fact: 实际上;其实, it was Sandy and Pigsy who helped the Monkey King win every battle. In my view [5]in one’s view: 在某人看来;依照个人的见解, neither the Monkey King nor Harry Potter [6]neither … nor … : 既不……也不;两者都不would become a hero without the help of their friends.

Jane: That’s true! One tree can’t make a forest. [7]独木不成林

Word Bank

Word Bank
1 literature: 美: [ˈlɪt(ə)rəˌtʃʊr]  英: [ˈlɪtrətʃə(r)]  n. 文学;文学作品;资料
2 classic: 美: [ˈklæsɪk]    英: [‘klæsɪk]  n. 名著;优秀的典范   adj. 最优秀的;第一流的;有代表性的;典型的
3 in order to do sth. 为了做某事
4 in fact: 实际上;其实
5 in one’s view: 在某人看来;依照个人的见解
6 neither … nor … : 既不……也不;两者都不
7 独木不成林
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