Grade 9 Unit 6 Topic 2 Section A

Michael: Kangkang, who is your favorite character in literature?
Kangkang: The Monkey King is my favorite character in Chinese literature.
He is a hero in the novel called Journey to the West, which is one of the four classic novels of Chinese literature.
Michael: Oh, but I like Harry Potter better. I think he is the bravest character I’ve ever known.
Kangkang: Maybe you are right, but I prefer the Monkey King. He is funny and clever.
Jane: They are certainly heroes. And I think friends are helpful in both stories. In order to help Harry, his friends read many books and discovered the best way to defeat their enemies.
Kangkang: Yes, his friends are wise and helpful just like Sandy and Pigsy. In fact, it was Sandy and Pigsy who helped the Monkey King win every battle. In my view, neither the Monkey King nor Harry Potter would become a hero without the help of their friends.
Jane: That’s true! One tree can’t make a forest.

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