Grade 9 Unit 4 Topic 3 Section C

The Importance of Computers
Since computers were invented in the USA in the 1950s, they have become very important in many areas of work and leisure. There is no doubt that computers are very useful in technology and business.
In space, computers have been used to control the speed and direction of a spaceship. With the help of computers, doctors can find diseases easily and solve other problems. For example, tiny computers which are inside patients’ bodies can keep their hearts beating normally. In factories, robots are controlled by computers that are like human brains. They can do work that is dangerous to humans.
In business, computers are used to place and cancel orders. They are also making the workplace safer and better.
Since the Internet came into being, people’s lives at home have been changed, too. More and more people have personal computers that are used to play games and watch movies. Thanks to the Internet, people can do shopping and do business at home. Instead of writing letters on paper, people communicate by sending e-mails and chatting online. The whole world is connected. The Internet is making the world smaller, like a village.
Computers have improved our lives, but they have brought problems, too.
For instance, if we work on computers too long, we may get headaches or sore eyes. If we play computer games too much, we won’t have enough time to study or exercise. Besides, not everything we read on the Internet is true or good for us. Computers help us at work and at home, but they must be used properly.


One Day Without Computers
Today, when I got up, I just turned on the computer as usual, but it didn’t work.
Then I tried my brother’s PC, my parents’ even my dog’s, but none of them worked.
Later, it was reported on TV that all of the computers in the world broke down
today …

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