Grade 8 Unit 5 Topic 3 Section D

How to Stay in Good Spirits
Many things around us may affect our feelings and moods, such as colors, weather, news and the environment. It is very important for us to be in a good mood. If we are in good spirits, we can study or work better. So we must learn to take care of ourselves and stay in a good mood. Here are some suggestions:
1. Exercise and relax every day.
2. Remember to eat healthy food and have a good sleep.
3. Don’t keep silent. Talk with your friends, parents or teachers often. Tell them about what you think and how you feel. Try to get help from them.
4. Get help from newspapers, books, TV or the Internet.
5. Think it over before making an important decision.
6. Get back to your everyday activities. It will give you a sense of happiness.

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