(Miss Wang is holding a class meeting [1]hold a class meeting: 召开班会 on how to learn English. She asks two students to report the results of their discussion [2]discussion: US: [dɪˈskʌʃ(ə)n]  UK: [dɪ’skʌʃ(ə)n]   n. 讨论;论述;商讨;详述.)

I’m very glad to share our group’s opinions with you [3]share sth. with sb.: 和某人分享某物. Kangkang said that he previewed [4]preview: US: [ˈpriˌvju] UK: [ˈpriːvjuː]  n. 预演;预展;预告;预映 v. 为(影视节目)写预评;概述;扼要介绍;预习 the day’s lesson before class, took notes [5]took notes: 记笔记,做记录 in class and reviewed [6]review: US: [rɪˈvju]   UK: [rɪˈvjuː]  n. 回顾;述评;审查;评论   v. 回顾;复习;审核;反思 them after class. Lin Ping said, “Read a passage. Then try to retell it yourself.” Yu Zhen thought studying grammar was important when learning English. I myself prefer watching [7]prefer (doing) sth. 更喜欢(做)某事/物 English movies, though sometimes I can’t understand them exactly [8]exactly: US: [ɪɡˈzæk(t)li]  UK: [ɪɡ’zæk(t)li]   adv. 到底;确切地;准确地;精确地. These are our opinions. Thank you for listening! [9]Thank you for doing sth.: 感谢您做了某事

It’s an honor [10]honor: US: [ˈɑnər]   UK: [ˈɒnə(r)]  n. 荣誉;荣幸;尊敬;名誉   v. 尊敬;尊重;接受;给与…的光荣 to talk with all of you here. Our group agrees with some of Group One’s opinions. However, we have some other ideas. Xu Duoduo said that joining an English club was the best way to improve her English. Cheng Le advised us to read a good English newspaper [11]advise sb. to do sth. 建议某人做某事. But she said, “We shouldn’t translate [12]translate: US: [trænsˈleɪt]  UK: [træns’leɪt]  v. 翻译;被翻译;被译成;(使)转变 every word when we are reading.” Shu Yan told us we should speak English with our teachers, classmates and even with foreigners [13]foreigner: US: [ˈfɔrənər]  UK: [ˈfɒrɪnə(r)]  n. 外国人;外来人;外地人 as often as possible.[14]as … as possible: 尽可能地… That’s all. Thanks.

Good job! You two have told us many good methods. Each of us can use one or more of them. But remember to choose the ones that suit you best [15]that suit you best: 是定语从句,修饰the ones. I’m sure that you will make great progress as long as [16]as long as: 只要;长达 you stick to them [17]stick to (doing) sth.: 坚持(做)某事. And I think keeping a diary [18]keep a diary: 写日记 in English is a good way to improve your writing. Also, the chants [19]chant: US: [tʃænt]  UK: [tʃɑːnt]  v. 吟唱;歌颂;赞扬;卖唱  n. 【宗教】颂歌;单调的歌;吟诵语调;呆板无味, songs and riddles in our textbooks are helpful.

Word Bank

Word Bank
1 hold a class meeting: 召开班会
2 discussion: US: [dɪˈskʌʃ(ə)n]  UK: [dɪ’skʌʃ(ə)n]   n. 讨论;论述;商讨;详述
3 share sth. with sb.: 和某人分享某物
4 preview: US: [ˈpriˌvju] UK: [ˈpriːvjuː]  n. 预演;预展;预告;预映 v. 为(影视节目)写预评;概述;扼要介绍;预习
5 took notes: 记笔记,做记录
6 review: US: [rɪˈvju]   UK: [rɪˈvjuː]  n. 回顾;述评;审查;评论   v. 回顾;复习;审核;反思
7 prefer (doing) sth. 更喜欢(做)某事/物
8 exactly: US: [ɪɡˈzæk(t)li]  UK: [ɪɡ’zæk(t)li]   adv. 到底;确切地;准确地;精确地
9 Thank you for doing sth.: 感谢您做了某事
10 honor: US: [ˈɑnər]   UK: [ˈɒnə(r)]  n. 荣誉;荣幸;尊敬;名誉   v. 尊敬;尊重;接受;给与…的光荣
11 advise sb. to do sth. 建议某人做某事
12 translate: US: [trænsˈleɪt]  UK: [træns’leɪt]  v. 翻译;被翻译;被译成;(使)转变
13 foreigner: US: [ˈfɔrənər]  UK: [ˈfɒrɪnə(r)]  n. 外国人;外来人;外地人
14 as … as possible: 尽可能地…
15 that suit you best: 是定语从句,修饰the ones
16 as long as: 只要;长达
17 stick to (doing) sth.: 坚持(做)某事
18 keep a diary: 写日记
19 chant: US: [tʃænt]  UK: [tʃɑːnt]  v. 吟唱;歌颂;赞扬;卖唱  n. 【宗教】颂歌;单调的歌;吟诵语调;呆板无味