Grade 9 Unit 3 Topic 1 Section C

English Around the World ( I )
There are more than 3 000 languages spoken in the world. Of all these languages, English is the most widely used. Recent surveys show that more than 500 million people speak English as their mother tongue.
From its roots in England, the language was spread around the world by English traders and English governments in new lands. One of these new lands became the United States of America.
The population of the United States is 309 million, making it the country with the largest number of native English speakers.
About 300 million people speak English as their second language. There are even more people, like some in Europe as well as in China and Japan, who study English as a foreign language.
English has become the base language for international business, for the world’s airlines and even fur the Internet. Whatever language people speak, they need to know some English if they work in these fields. It is clear that the English language is becoming more important.

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