Grade 9 Unit 4 Topic 1 Section A

Kangkang: Jane, why are you unhappy?

Jane: Because I was not allowed to [1]be allowed to do sth.: 被允许做某事   allow sb. to do sth. 允许某人做某事 play computer games last night.

Kangkang: It’s bad for your health if you spend too much time on them. [2]spend sometime on sth.: 在某物上花费多少时间

Jane: Maybe you’re right.

(Kangkang shows a model to Jane.)

Kangkang: Look at this.

Jane: A model rocket [3]rocket: US: [ˈrɒkɪt]  UK: [ˈrɒkɪt]   n. 【科技】火箭;火箭式投射武器;火箭式焰火  v. 发射火箭;〈非正式〉迅速地移动;飙升;骤增! Who made it?

Kangkang: It was made by [4]be made by: 由……制造;由某人制造 me.

Jane: Wow! What’s it made of [5]be made of: 由……制成;用…制成;材料制成 (原材料可见)?

Kangkang: It’s made of metal [6]metal: US: [ˈmet(ə)l]  UK: [‘met(ə)l]  n. 金属. Do you know what a rocket is used for [7]be used for: 被用于…?

Jane: Sure. It’s used for sending satellites [8]satellite: US: [ˈsæt(ə)lˌaɪt]  UK: [ˈsætəlaɪt]  n. 卫星;人造卫星 or spaceships [9]spaceship: US: [ˈspeɪsˌʃɪp]  UK: [‘speɪs.ʃɪp]  n. 宇宙飞船 into space.

Kangkang: You’re right. I’ve learned a lot about spaceships from Mr. Brown and then 1 made this model rocket. I wish I could go into space some day [10]some day: 将来的某一天 可写作someday.

Jane: I hope your dream will come true [11]come true: (预言等)成事实;实现.

Word Bank

Word Bank
1 be allowed to do sth.: 被允许做某事   allow sb. to do sth. 允许某人做某事
2 spend sometime on sth.: 在某物上花费多少时间
3 rocket: US: [ˈrɒkɪt]  UK: [ˈrɒkɪt]   n. 【科技】火箭;火箭式投射武器;火箭式焰火  v. 发射火箭;〈非正式〉迅速地移动;飙升;骤增
4 be made by: 由……制造;由某人制造
5 be made of: 由……制成;用…制成;材料制成 (原材料可见
6 metal: US: [ˈmet(ə)l]  UK: [‘met(ə)l]  n. 金属
7 be used for: 被用于…
8 satellite: US: [ˈsæt(ə)lˌaɪt]  UK: [ˈsætəlaɪt]  n. 卫星;人造卫星
9 spaceship: US: [ˈspeɪsˌʃɪp]  UK: [‘speɪs.ʃɪp]  n. 宇宙飞船
10 some day: 将来的某一天 可写作someday
11 come true: (预言等)成事实;实现
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