Grade 9 Unit 4 Topic 1 Section A

Kangkang: Jane, why are you unhappy?
Jane: Because I was not allowed to play computer games last night.
Kangkang: It’s bad for your health if you spend too much time on them.
Jane: Maybe you’re right.
{Kangkang shows a model to Jane.)
Kangkang: Look at this.
Jane: A model rocket! Who made it?
Kangkang: It was made by me.
Jane: Wow! What’s it made of?
Kangkang: It’s made of metal. Do you know what a rocket is used for?
Jane: Sure. It’s used for sending satellites or spaceships into space.
Kangkang: You’re right. I’ve learned a lot about spaceships from Mr. Brown and then 1 made this model rocket. I wish I could go into space some day.
Jane: I hope your dream will come true.


A: What’s the lock made of?
B: It’s made of metal.
A: What’s it used for?
B: It’s used for locking the door.

A: What’s the paper made from?
B: It’s made from wood.
A: What’s it used for?
B: It’s used for writing on.


A: What is a laptop made of?
B: It is made of plastic.
A: What is it used for?
B: It is used for studying.
A: When and where was it developed?
B: It was developed in Japan in 1985.

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