Grade 8 Unit 3 Topic 1 Section A

Helen: What do you often do in your free time [1]in one’s free time: 在某人空闲的时候?

Wen Wei: I often go fishing. It’s my favorite hobby [2]hobby: US: [ˈhɑbi]   UK: [ˈhɒbi]   n. 业余爱好. And I also enjoy reading stories and listening to music. It’s great fun. Well, what’s your hobby?

Helen: I love reciting [3]recite: US: [rɪˈsaɪt]  UK: [rɪ’saɪt]   v. 〈美〉背诵(功课);(在听众前)吟诵;讲;列举 poems [4]poem: US: [ˈpoʊəm]   UK: [ˈpəʊɪm]   n. 诗;诗一样的作品;富有诗意的东西. And I’m a movie fan, too. I go to the movie theater [5]go to the movie theater:去电影院看电影 a lot. I also rent DVDs and watch them at home.

Wen Wei: Why not go out and do some outdoor activities?

Helen: Sounds good! Maybe [6]maybe: US: [ˈmeɪbi]   UK: [‘meɪbi]   adv. 也许;或许;可能;(不置可否)也许 I need a change [7]change: 在这里作名词,有“换口味”的含义。.


I love singing and playing the guitar.

am interested in [8]am interested in: 对……感兴趣,喜欢…… playing basketball.

I enjoy dancing to music.

I like sleeping.

I like reciting poems.

I am fond of [9]be fond of: 喜欢 telling stories.


Word Bank

Word Bank
1 in one’s free time: 在某人空闲的时候
2 hobby: US: [ˈhɑbi]   UK: [ˈhɒbi]   n. 业余爱好
3 recite: US: [rɪˈsaɪt]  UK: [rɪ’saɪt]   v. 〈美〉背诵(功课);(在听众前)吟诵;讲;列举
4 poem: US: [ˈpoʊəm]   UK: [ˈpəʊɪm]   n. 诗;诗一样的作品;富有诗意的东西
5 go to the movie theater:去电影院看电影
6 maybe: US: [ˈmeɪbi]   UK: [‘meɪbi]   adv. 也许;或许;可能;(不置可否)也许
7 change: 在这里作名词,有“换口味”的含义。
8 am interested in: 对……感兴趣,喜欢……
9 be fond of: 喜欢
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