Grade 8 Unit 8 Topic 1 Section B

(In a clothing store)
Jane: Maria, look! Kangkang and Michael are over there [1]over there: 在那里;在那儿.

Maria: Oh, everyone is preparing for [2]prepare for: 为……准备,使有准备 our fashion show.

Jane: Hi, Kangk ang. What would you like to buy?

Kangkang: I’d like this T-shirt and the cotton pants with two big pockets [3]pocket: 美: [ˈpɑkɪt]  英: [ˈpɒkɪt]  n. 口袋;衣袋;兜;(附在车门上、提包内等的)小口袋.  What do you think of [4]think of: 认为;想到 them? [5]What do you think of … ? 你认为……怎么样   * 必会句型

Jane: They look very nice. What about you, Michael?

Michael: I want to buy a windbreaker so that [6]so that: 为了;以致;以便于 I will look great.

Maria: What size [7]size: 美: [saɪz]  英: [saɪz]  n. 大小;号;尺码 do you take?

Michael: Size M. How about the blue one?

Jane & Maria: Perfect!

Kangkang: It’s such a cool windbreaker that [8]such + n. + that … : 如此…以至于… you should buy it at once [9]at once: 马上;立即;即刻. What do you want, Jane?

Jane: I want a purple silk hat and a cotton dress.

Maria: And I want a leather [10]leather: 美: [ˈleðər]   英: [ˈleðə(r)]  n. 皮革;皮外套  adj. 皮革的 jacket

Word Bank

Word Bank
1 over there: 在那里;在那儿
2 prepare for: 为……准备,使有准备
3 pocket: 美: [ˈpɑkɪt]  英: [ˈpɒkɪt]  n. 口袋;衣袋;兜;(附在车门上、提包内等的)小口袋
4 think of: 认为;想到
5 What do you think of … ? 你认为……怎么样   * 必会句型
6 so that: 为了;以致;以便于
7 size: 美: [saɪz]  英: [saɪz]  n. 大小;号;尺码
8 such + n. + that … : 如此…以至于…
9 at once: 马上;立即;即刻
10 leather: 美: [ˈleðər]   英: [ˈleðə(r)]  n. 皮革;皮外套  adj. 皮革的
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