Do you believe that your body talks? Body language seems to be more important than spoken or written language. According to a survey by Edward T. Hall in India, in a daily conversation between two persons, less than 35% of the meaning is communicated by words. So, at least 65% of the meaning is shown by our bodies. The following table shows how each body part communicates, according to the survey.

Body part The way to move Meaning
head nodding the head “Yes” in most countries; “No” in some parts of Greece, Bulgaria, and Turkey
eye closing eyes “I’m bored.” or “I’m sleepy.” in America; “I’m listening and concentrating.” in Thailand, Japan, and China
ear cupping the ear “I can’t hear you.” in all countries
pulling the ear “You are in my heart.” for Navajo Indians
nose holding the nose “Something smells bad.” in the whole world
pointing to the nose “It’s me.” in Japan
arm folding arms “I disagree with what I am hearing.”
hand waving hands “Hello!” or “Goodbye!”
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