Grade 7 Unit 5 Topic 1 Secion C


Jane’s Day
Jane usually gets up at twenty past six. At seven o’clock, she has breakfast with her parents. She goes to school by bus at half past seven. Classes begin at eight. She has four classes in the morning.
She has lunch at school at twelve ten. She has two classes In the afternoon. After school, she often plays soccer with her classmates. At a quarter past five, she takes the subway home.
She gets home at five thirty and has dinner at seven o’clock. After dinner, she often does her homework and then watches TV for a short time. She goes to bed at about a quarter to ten.


A: Do you often read books in the library”!
B: Yes, I do./No, I don’t.
A: How often do you come to the library?
B: Three times a week.



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