Everyone has hobbies, such as reading, collecting things, keeping pets and playing sports. Hobbies can bring pleasure and knowledge.
Chen Yang is a student. Two years ago, she liked playing computer games. She found nothing more interesting than it. But now she has changed. She is fond of reading because there are many wonderful things in books. She always loses herself in them. She often says, “The more I read, the more I learn.”

1) Water covers most parts of the earth. It is in lakes, rivers, seas and oceans. It is important to all living things.
2) Most plants need lots of water. Water is necessary for all plants.
3) All animals need enough water. They can’t live at all without water.
4) People need water to drink, to cook and to clean.
Water makes up the largest part of the body.
5) We must save every drop of water. Don’t let our tears be the last drop of water on the earth.