Grade 9 Unit 3 Topic 2 Section A

(Wang Junfeng and his parents are going to the USA. Michael and Kangkang are going to see them off. Now they are on their way to the airport.)
Wang Junfeng: I can’t believe that I’m flying to Disneyland. I’m so excited.
Kangkang: Of course you are.
(Michael sees a stranger putting out his hand with his thumb raised.)
Michael: Stop, please!
Driver: What’s up?
Michael: The stranger is asking for a ride. Look at his gesture!
(The driver stops the minibus.)
Foreigner: Excuse me, could you please give me a ride to the airport?
Driver: Sure. We’re going to the same place. Get on, please.
Foreigner: Thank you very much.
(They reach the airport twenty minutes later.)
Kangkang: What time is your flight?
Wang Junfeng: At 5 o ’clock. My uncle is meeting us tomorrow. But I’m still worried about my English.
Kangkang: No need to worry. You can buy the guidebook, A Tour in the USA.
Wang Junfeng: Good idea. I hope I won’t have much difficulty in communication.
Michael: Whenever you need help, send me an e-mail or call me.
Wang Junfeng: Thank you very much. I have to go now. Bye!


A: When are you traveling to Canada?
B: I’m traveling tomorrow.
A: Who are you going with?
B: I’m going with my friends.

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