Grade 8 Unit 8 Topic 3 Section A

(Jane and Sarah are talking about the fashion show.)
Jane: Hi, Sarah! Did you watch the fashion show in Xidan Shopping Center last month?
Sarah: No, but Kangkang said he watched it.
And he said the fashion show was wonderful.
Jane: There will be another one there tomorrow.
Many famous models will be there to model the clothes. Would you like to go with me?
Sarah: Sure. Do you know when it’ll start?
Jane: The poster says it starts at 7:30 p.m.
Sarah: Oh, I know Michael likes fashion shows very much. Shall we invite him?
Jane: Good idea!


A: What did Kangkang’s mother ask?
B: She asked Kangkang what he was doing.
A: What did Kangkang say?
B: He said he was designing their school uniforms.

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