Grade 8 Unit 4 Topic 3 Section C

The Internet

The Internet is changing the world. It is becoming an important part of our lives.

The Internet makes our lives more interesting. We can get all kinds of [1]all kinds of: 各种各样的 information on the Internet and share it with others [2]share sth. with sb.: 与某人分享某物 . We can make friends [3]make friends: 交朋友 and share our ideas and feelings with each other by sending emails or chatting online. We can also do shopping, study, listen to music and watch movies. This helps make life easier.

However, the Internet is not perfect [4]perfect: US: [ˈpɜrfɪkt]  UK: [ˈpɜː(r)fɪkt]   adj. 完备的;完美的;完全的;完全正确的   v. 使完善;使完美;使完备. We should use it safely [5]safely: US: [ˈseɪfli]   UK: [‘seɪfli]  adv. 安全地;稳妥地;妥善保管地;小心收藏地. Everyone can post information, and not all of it is true [6]true: US: [tru]  UK: [truː]  adj. 符合事实的;确实的;如实的;真正的(而非表面上的). Some people use the Internet to hurt others and try to get money by cheating [7]cheat: US: [tʃit]   UK: [tʃiːt]   v. 欺骗;舞弊;蒙骗     n. 骗子;欺诈行为;欺骗手段;(电脑游戏的)秘技. Some young people usually spend too much time playing games[8]spend st./sm. (in doing sth. 花费时间/金钱做某事) and so on.

The Internet can change our lives for the better [9] for the better: 意为“向着较好的情况(转变)”。相对应的词组为for the worse。, but we should use it carefully.

Word Bank

Word Bank
1 all kinds of: 各种各样的
2 share sth. with sb.: 与某人分享某物
3 make friends: 交朋友
4 perfect: US: [ˈpɜrfɪkt]  UK: [ˈpɜː(r)fɪkt]   adj. 完备的;完美的;完全的;完全正确的   v. 使完善;使完美;使完备
5 safely: US: [ˈseɪfli]   UK: [‘seɪfli]  adv. 安全地;稳妥地;妥善保管地;小心收藏地
6 true: US: [tru]  UK: [truː]  adj. 符合事实的;确实的;如实的;真正的(而非表面上的)
7 cheat: US: [tʃit]   UK: [tʃiːt]   v. 欺骗;舞弊;蒙骗     n. 骗子;欺诈行为;欺骗手段;(电脑游戏的)秘技
8 spend st./sm. (in
9 for the better: 意为“向着较好的情况(转变)”。相对应的词组为for the worse。
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