Grade 8 Unit 6 Topic 2 Section B

Darren: Hello, Kangkang. Could you tell me something about Tian’anmen Square?
Kangkang: Sure. It is in the center of Beijing City. It’s the largest city square in the world. It covers 440 000 square meters. It’s 880 meters long from north to south and 500 meters wide from east to west. It can hold one million people.
Darren: That’s amazing! Are there any great buildings?
Kangkang: Certainly. We can see the Monument to the People’s Heroes in the center of the square. In the north of the square, we can see Tian’anmen Rostrum. There Chairman Mao Zedong announced the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949.
Darren: The square must be quite meaningful to all Chinese people.
Kangkang: Yes, and we can see some other great buildings there.
Darren: Wow, I can’t wait to see it By the way, how far is it from here to Tian’anmen Square?
Kangkang: It’s about one and a half hours by bike.

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