Grade 9 Unit 3 Topic 3 Section B

Wang Junfeng: Kangkang, could you give us some advice on how to learn English [1]how to learn English: 怎么学英语 “特殊疑问词+to do”相当于名词 well?

Kangkang: Sure. Two years ago, I was also weak in [2]be weak in: 不擅长;在……方面不行 English. How to improve it was my biggest problem. So I turned to [3]turn to sb.: 求助于某人;求教于 Mr. Brown and I’ve learned a lot from him.

Wang Junfeng: Great. How do you remember new words?

Kangkang: I always copy new words on pieces of paper, stick them on the walls in my bedroom or in the living room, and read the words aloud [4]aloud: US: [əˈlaʊd] UK: [ə’laʊd] adv. 出声地;大声地 when I see them. I change them often. Also, I always read the English words on the objects [5]object: US: [ɑbˈdʒekt]  UK: [əb’dʒekt]  n. 目标;物体;目的;东西;对象;宾语 I see.

Li Hong: That sounds interesting. I’ll try it. I always read English textbooks [6]textbook: US: [ˈteks(t)ˌbʊk]  UK: [‘teks(t).bʊk]  n. 教材;教科书;课本, but some texts are difficult for me. Could you please tell me how to improve my reading ability [7]ability: US: [əˈbɪləti]  n. 能力;能够;才能;能干?

Kangkang: Do more reading. Try to guess the meanings of new words, and get the main idea of the article.

Li Ming: Kangkang, I dare not answer questions in class because I’m afraid of [8]be afraid of: 害怕 making mistakes [9]make mistakes: 犯错,出错.

Kangkang: Don’t be shy. Think about [10]think about: 思考;探讨;为…费心思;想像your answer, take a deep breath [11]take a deep breath: (深)吸一口气 and smile, and then answer the question. Smiling is always helpful.

Li Ming: Thank you. I’ll give it a try [12]give it a try: 试试看;试一试;试一下.

Word Bank

Word Bank
1 how to learn English: 怎么学英语 “特殊疑问词+to do”相当于名词
2 be weak in: 不擅长;在……方面不行
3 turn to sb.: 求助于某人;求教于
4 aloud: US: [əˈlaʊd] UK: [ə’laʊd] adv. 出声地;大声地
5 object: US: [ɑbˈdʒekt]  UK: [əb’dʒekt]  n. 目标;物体;目的;东西;对象;宾语
6 textbook: US: [ˈteks(t)ˌbʊk]  UK: [‘teks(t).bʊk]  n. 教材;教科书;课本
7 ability: US: [əˈbɪləti]  n. 能力;能够;才能;能干
8 be afraid of: 害怕
9 make mistakes: 犯错,出错
10 think about: 思考;探讨;为…费心思;想像
11 take a deep breath: (深)吸一口气
12 give it a try: 试试看;试一试;试一下
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