Grade 9 Unit 3 Topic 3 Section A

Li Ming: How nice to see you back, Junfeng! How was your trip?

Wang Junfeng: Wonderful! I’ve been to many places of interest and I enjoyed myself in Disneyland.

Li Hong: Could you make yourself understood [1]make yourself understood: 使别人理解你;让人听懂 in the USA?

Wang Junfeng: Not really. Sometimes I got into trouble [2]get into trouble: 惹上麻烦;陷入困境. They spoke too quickly for me and there were many different accents [3]accent: US: [ækˈsent]  UK: [‘æks(ə)nt]  n. 口音;重音;强调;腔调. I couldn’t have long conversations with the people there. I think I should work harder at English.

Li Ming: Yes, I agree. I know oral [4]oral: US: [ˈɔrəl]  UK: [ˈɔːrəl]  adj. 口头的;用口的;口腔的;口服的 English is very important, but I dare not speak English in public [5]in public: 当众;公开地;在公共场合. And I always feel sleepy [6]sleepy: US: [ˈslipi]  UK: [ˈsliːpi]  adj. 困倦的;瞌睡的 in English classes. I’m really afraid of [7]be afraid of: 害怕;害怕某物;害怕某事 the final [8]final: US: [ˈfaɪn(ə)l]  UK: [‘faɪn(ə)l]  n. 决赛;期终考试;大学毕业考试;期终结业考试  adj. 最终的;最后的;(指结果)最终的;决定性的 exam.

Li Hong: I’m afraid, too. And it’s very difficult for me to remember new words.

Wang Junfeng: Me, too. I’ve worked hard at it for a whole week, but it seems that I haven’t made any progress. I don’t know what to do. At times [9]at times: 有时 I feel like  [10]feel like doing sth.: 想要做某事,愿意做某事 giving up [11]give up: 放弃;断绝;投降;自首.

Li Hong: Please don’t let these difficulties discourage you. Perhaps we can ask Kangkang for help. He is good at English.

Word Bank

Word Bank
1 make yourself understood: 使别人理解你;让人听懂
2 get into trouble: 惹上麻烦;陷入困境
3 accent: US: [ækˈsent]  UK: [‘æks(ə)nt]  n. 口音;重音;强调;腔调
4 oral: US: [ˈɔrəl]  UK: [ˈɔːrəl]  adj. 口头的;用口的;口腔的;口服的
5 in public: 当众;公开地;在公共场合
6 sleepy: US: [ˈslipi]  UK: [ˈsliːpi]  adj. 困倦的;瞌睡的
7 be afraid of: 害怕;害怕某物;害怕某事
8 final: US: [ˈfaɪn(ə)l]  UK: [‘faɪn(ə)l]  n. 决赛;期终考试;大学毕业考试;期终结业考试  adj. 最终的;最后的;(指结果)最终的;决定性的
9 at times: 有时
10 feel like doing sth.: 想要做某事,愿意做某事
11 give up: 放弃;断绝;投降;自首
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