Grade 8 Unit 4 Topic 1 Section B

(Wang Wei is talking about[1]talk about :谈论 the photos with his friends.)

Wang Wei: Hi, Michael! Which do you like better, plants or animals?

Michael: I like animals better. I keep a pet dog. I think animals are friendlier.

Wang Wei: Why do you think so?

Michael: Because animals are our friends. They make us happy[2]make sb. + adj. 动词+宾语+宾补的结构时,make 表示“让”。.

Wang Wei: I like plants better. I think roses are the nicest of all the flowers.

Michael: But they can’t play with [3]play with: 原始意义是“和……一起玩”,延伸意义为:“玩弄,逗” 如:Don’t play with my dog. 别逗弄我的狗。you. What about you, Maria?

Maria: I like birds. They are beautiful, and they can sing to us.

Jane: I like cats best because they are cuter than other animals.

Kangkang: I like both plants and animals. As we know[4] as we know: 众所周知;正如我们所知道的;正如我们知道的那样, they are both important to us. We share the same world with them[5] share sth. with sb. : 与某人分享某物.

Word Bank

Word Bank
1 talk about :谈论
2 make sb. + adj. 动词+宾语+宾补的结构时,make 表示“让”。
3 play with: 原始意义是“和……一起玩”,延伸意义为:“玩弄,逗” 如:Don’t play with my dog. 别逗弄我的狗。
4 as we know: 众所周知;正如我们所知道的;正如我们知道的那样
5 share sth. with sb. : 与某人分享某物
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