Grade 8 Unit 3 Topic 1 Section C

Scrapbooking [1] scrapbook: US: [ˈskræpˌbʊk]   UK: [‘skræp.bʊk]  n. 剪贴簿 is a hobby. It was popular for more than 500 years. People called it a friendship [2]friendship: US: [ˈfren(d)ʃɪp]  UK: [‘fren(d)ʃɪp]  n. 友谊;友情;朋友关系;友好 book. They kept pictures, letters, poems and other things they wanted to remember [3]定语从句,修饰things,关系词that省略.

Today people collect many things in scrapbooks. Some people have funny [4]funny: 英 [ˈfʌni]   美 [ˈfʌni]   adj. 滑稽的,有趣的;古怪的,难以解释的 collections, like the world’s most stupid [5]stupid: 英 [ˈstjuːpɪd]美 [ˈstuːpɪd]  adj. 笨的,傻的,脑子不好使的;欠考虑的,糊涂的; ideas or pictures of the world’s most ugly [6]ugly: US: [ˈʌɡli]   UK: [‘ʌɡli]   adj. 丑陋的;难看的; dogs. Other people may collect stories about bad weather.

It is easy to get started [7]get started: 开始. First, you should decide what you want to collect. Start with just one idea. Next, you will need a book with background [8]background: US: [ˈbækˌɡraʊnd] UK: [‘bæk.ɡraʊnd] n. 背景;底色;幕后;经历 paper, scissors [9]scissors: US: [ˈsɪzərz]   UK: [ˈsɪzə(r)z]  n. 剪刀 and glue [10]glue: US: [ɡlu]   UK: [ɡluː]   n. 胶;胶水   v. 粘贴. You need the scissors to cut [11] out the pictures or stories. You need the glue to stick [11]stick: US: [stɪk]   UK: [stɪk]   v. 粘贴;刺;忍受;戳     n. 条;枯枝;枝条;柴火棍儿 them to the background paper [12]paper: US: [ˈpeɪpər]   UK: [ˈpeɪpə(r)]  n. 纸;纸张;论文;文件.

You can be busy and collect many things or lazy [13]lazy: US: [ˈleɪzi]   UK: [‘leɪzi]   adj. 不愿工作的;懒散的;懒惰的;无精打采的 and collect few things. It’ll be lots of fun to make your scrapbook and you can share it with your friends.


A: What do Kangkang and Michael often do in spring?

B: They often fly kites.

A: What did they use to do in spring?

B: They used to go traveling.

Word Bank

Word Bank
1 scrapbook: US: [ˈskræpˌbʊk]   UK: [‘skræp.bʊk]  n. 剪贴簿
2 friendship: US: [ˈfren(d)ʃɪp]  UK: [‘fren(d)ʃɪp]  n. 友谊;友情;朋友关系;友好
3 定语从句,修饰things,关系词that省略
4 funny: 英 [ˈfʌni]   美 [ˈfʌni]   adj. 滑稽的,有趣的;古怪的,难以解释的
5 stupid: 英 [ˈstjuːpɪd]美 [ˈstuːpɪd]  adj. 笨的,傻的,脑子不好使的;欠考虑的,糊涂的;
6 ugly: US: [ˈʌɡli]   UK: [‘ʌɡli]   adj. 丑陋的;难看的;
7 get started: 开始
8 background: US: [ˈbækˌɡraʊnd] UK: [‘bæk.ɡraʊnd] n. 背景;底色;幕后;经历
9 scissors: US: [ˈsɪzərz]   UK: [ˈsɪzə(r)z]  n. 剪刀
10 glue: US: [ɡlu]   UK: [ɡluː]   n. 胶;胶水   v. 粘贴
11 stick: US: [stɪk]   UK: [stɪk]   v. 粘贴;刺;忍受;戳     n. 条;枯枝;枝条;柴火棍儿
12 paper: US: [ˈpeɪpər]   UK: [ˈpeɪpə(r)]  n. 纸;纸张;论文;文件
13 lazy: US: [ˈleɪzi]   UK: [‘leɪzi]   adj. 不愿工作的;懒散的;懒惰的;无精打采的
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