Grade 8 Unit 5 Topic 3 Section C

I think the moon can affect my moods, especially when the full moon is high in the sky on the Mid-autumn Festival. The moon is so round and bright But I can’t get together with my family. I feel very lonely, and my eyes fill with tears.

The environment can change my feelings. I live in a big city. It is always noisy and crowded with people. I feel nervous and I have trouble sleeping at night. I hope to live in the countryside some day. It’s clean and quiet I think I could relax and sleep well.

I think the weather can affect my moods. When it rains, I always feel sad. When the sun shines brightly, it makes me happy again.

Colors can affect my feelings and moods. Orange and yellow make me feel confident. When I am feeling sad, these colors cheer me up. Blue and white can make me feel calm. Green is the color of nature. It can give me more energy. Wearing red often makes me feel active.

Big events can affect me a lot. When I talk about the Wenchuan earthquake with friends, sadness and worries always come to me. But when we talk about Beijing 2008  Olympics, I always feel excited.

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