Grade 8 Unit 1 Topic 2 Section B

Kangkang: Michael, we lost because you wouldn’t pass the ball.
Michael: What do you mean? Don’t shout at me like that. I didn’t want our team to lose.
Kangkang: But we did!
Maria: Kangkang, Michael, please don’t fight. Michael doesn’t do well in soccer but he did his best. , you should learn teamwork, and pass the ball to your teammates more often. You know, one player doesn’t make a team. We should learn teamwork.
Maria: Kangkang, Michael, don’t be angry with each other.
You two should talk more about the game before you play. Kangkang, what about saying sorry to Michael?
Kangkang: Michael, I am sorry for what I said.
Michael: It’s nothing.
Jane: Michael, practice more and you will do better next time.
Maria: Right! Keep trying. You are sure to have more fun.

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