Grade 8 Unit 5 Topic 3 Section A

Michael: Hello, Kangkang! This is Michael speaking.

Kangkang: Hello, Michael! Is there anything wrong?

Michael: I’m worried. We’ll have a test [1]test: US: [test]  UK: [test]  v. 试验;测试;检测;测验  n. 试验;检测;考试;测验 tomorrow and I always get nervous [2]nervous: US: [ˈnɜrvəs] UK: [ˈnɜː(r)vəs] adj. 焦虑的;担忧的;惶恐的;神经质的 before a test.

Kangkang: Relax, Michael. I am sure you will do well.

Michael: But Kangkang, the test is a speech [3]speech: US: [spitʃ] UK: [spiːtʃ]  n. 讲话;演说;发言;口语. I get so nervous when I give a speech [4]give a speech: 做演讲.

Kangkang: I will help you, Michael. I have a CD about giving speeches. We can listen to it at my house. Then you can practice.

Michael: Kangkang, I feel more relaxed [5]relaxed: US: [rɪˈlækst]  UK: [rɪ’lækst]  adj. 放松的;冷静的;镇定的;安静的 v. “relax”的过去式和过去分词 now because of [6]because of: 由于,因为 your help. You are really a good friend. Thank you so much.

Word Bank

Word Bank
1 test: US: [test]  UK: [test]  v. 试验;测试;检测;测验  n. 试验;检测;考试;测验
2 nervous: US: [ˈnɜrvəs] UK: [ˈnɜː(r)vəs] adj. 焦虑的;担忧的;惶恐的;神经质的
3 speech: US: [spitʃ] UK: [spiːtʃ]  n. 讲话;演说;发言;口语
4 give a speech: 做演讲
5 relaxed: US: [rɪˈlækst]  UK: [rɪ’lækst]  adj. 放松的;冷静的;镇定的;安静的 v. “relax”的过去式和过去分词
6 because of: 由于,因为
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