Grade 9 Unit 4 Topic 3 Section B

(Kangkang is asking Mr. Brown something about spaceships.)
Kangkang: Spaceships are so amazing. Mr. Brown, could you please tell me some recent spaceship developments?
Mr. Brown: OK. Spaceships which now mainly use electronic controls used to be controlled by astronauts.
Kangkang: But how do they work?
Mr. Brown: Astronauts use computers to control the speed and direction o f their spaceships, even the temperature.
Kangkang: Perfect! But I know so little about computer technology.
Mr. Brown: It’s important to master computer technology.
So I advise you to discover new ways to make computers serve us better.
Kangkang: Good idea. Thanks for your introduction, Mr. Brown. I think that if I work hard then nothing is impossible.

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