Grade 9 Unit 4 Topic 3 Section A

(Michael and Kangkang are in the Science Museum.)
Michael: Kangkang, who is the first Chinese to travel into space?
Kangkang: Yang Liwei. He is our national hero who traveled around the earth in Shenzhou /f o r 2 1 hours in 2003. China is the third nation that sent a person into space.
Michael: Wonderful! All of you must be very proud.
Kangkang: Of course we are. What’s more, we have launched another four spaceships in the past few years.
Michael: That’s great! It proves that China has made great progress in its space
Kangkang: That’s right. I’m sure that China will send more spaceships into space.
Michael: Look, what a large crowd! Let’s go and see.
Kangkang: Wow! Chang*e I. It’s a spaceship which was launched as China’s first lunar probe. I hope I can travel to the moon one day.
Michael: I think your dream will be realized in the future.

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