Grade 7 Unit 5 Topic 2 Secion C

(Miss Wang is showing a new student around the school.)

(On the playground) A few students are running around the playground. Some students are having a soccer game. Some students are playing basketball. Look! Many students are sitting there and watching. (In the gym) Three students are swimming In the swimming pool.
What about the girls over there? Ohl, They are dancing. But Helen isn’t dancing with them. She Is playing ping-pong with Ann. (In the classroom) Look at your classmates. They are not having lessons. Kangkang Is reading English newspapers. Michael Is doing his homework. Is Wang Wei doing his homework, too? Oh, no! He is writing a letter. What are Jane and Marla doing? They are talking. Where Is Sally?
Aha, she is cleaning the blackboard at the back of the classroom.

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