Grade 8 Unit 7 Topic 2 Section B

Kangkang: What’s your favorite snack [1]snack: 美: [snæk]  英: [snæk]  n. 小吃;快餐;点心;易办到的事, Michael?

Michael: Oh, it’s a sandwich with butter [2]butter: 美: [ˈbʌtər]  英: [ˈbʌtə(r)]  n. 黄油;奶油, honey and a pear [3]pear: 美: [per]  英: [peə(r)]  n. 【植】梨.

Jane: Could you tell us how to make it?

Michael: Sure. First, take two pieces [4]piece: 美: [pis]  英: [piːs] n. 块;片;条;段; …… of bread and put some butter on them.

Next, cut a pear into small pieces carefully. Then put them on the bread lightly. After that, put some honey over the pear slowly. Finally, put the pieces of bread together.

Kangkang: Would you mind if we learn to make it from you?

Michael: Of course not. Let’s do it together.

(A few minutes later)

Jane: Kangkang, you did quite well.

Kangkang: Thanks. But I think you did better than I. Wow, Michael did best of all.

Michael: Thank you. Practice makes perfect. [5]Practice makes perfect. 熟能生巧。

Word Bank

Word Bank
1 snack: 美: [snæk]  英: [snæk]  n. 小吃;快餐;点心;易办到的事
2 butter: 美: [ˈbʌtər]  英: [ˈbʌtə(r)]  n. 黄油;奶油
3 pear: 美: [per]  英: [peə(r)]  n. 【植】梨
4 piece: 美: [pis]  英: [piːs] n. 块;片;条;段; ……
5 Practice makes perfect. 熟能生巧。
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